We Always Have A Large Selection Of Commercial Laundromat Machines For Sale

If you own a laundromat on the west coast, you know just how difficult it is to keep your machines on par with the latest expectations of the industry. Consumers want economy and legislators want efficiency. At Cozzetto Commercial, we offer it all. We have an expansive range of cutting-edge washing and drying machines. We also have a vast array of gently used and incredibly well-maintained models. If you’re currently looking for a large selection of commercial laundromat machines for sale, we are definitely the business to call.

We also offer reliable options in Tacoma laundry equipment repair. With our help, you can make the most of the equipment you currently own. Our team can help you extend the lifespan of the washers and dryers that are already in your facility. In addition to timely repairs, we also offer reasonably priced preventative maintenance plans.

When you shop our used commercial laundromat machines, you’ll find a number of late model options that have minimal wear and tear. We can help you choose the best units for your budget, your clientele, and the amount of space that you have available. Given that these are all still reasonably new products, you can find a number of designs that are highly efficient as well.

Our team can additionally help you if you’ve been having a hard time finding essential parts. Caring for, repairing, and supplying this equipment is what we do. We have built up a large network of reputable and reliable suppliers throughout the years. Through this network, we’re capable of sourcing parts for machines from all of the best-known brands.

We serve companies all throughout Portland, Oregon, Tacoma, Washington, Missoula, Montana, Richland and Yakima, Washington, and Seattle. We even have regular customers in Eastern Washington in Spokane. If you need a new or used washer or dryer for your business, regular maintenance or urgent repairs, Cozzetto Commercial has got you covered. Call us today to find out about our prices, our current inventory, or our complete range of capabilities.