Three Reasons To Buy A Used Commercial Laundry Machine For Sale In Tacoma

If you’re tired of paying for commercial laundry repair, you’re definitely not alone. As washers and dryers near the ends of their lifespans, they often require professional service with increasing frequency. At Cozzetto Commercial, we want to share several solid reasons to buy a used commercial laundry machine for sale in Tacoma.

As you shop your options industrial laundry equipment near me, you’ll find that the most innovative and feature-rich machines come at a hefty price. Opting to buy a previously owned model will give you access to a far greater range of options that suit your targeted price point. This means that you’ll have access to models that have cutting-edge capabilities, and you won’t have to break the bank in order to get them.

Our used products have been impeccably well-maintained from start to finish. In fact, many of them have absolutely no wear and tear at all. As such, we give you the opportunity to save tremendous sums of money while still getting the high-quality equipment your facility needs.

There are even ongoing savings that you can enjoy when making these purchases. Getting a new-to-you machine is a chance to look for options that are far more energy-efficient than the equipment you currently own. Some of the latest models can wash more clothing, dry laundry faster, and get more done all-around while using far less energy. Thus, you’ll pay less upfront when buying used, but you can also look forward to lower operational costs.

We stand behind the products that we provide. All of our previously owned models have been carefully inspected and brought up to speed. Thus, when you buy from us, you’re always guaranteed to get amazing value, both now and in the future. Call us today to find out more about our current inventory or to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.