Rules of Engagement Laundry Edition

It is trying times with this COVID-19 going around, it may be difficult to ensure people that they are safe in your facility, or to keep regular business. We at Cozzetto Commercial know it will be difficult, but as many of you we want to keep pushing forward! Here we have some simple advice to keep your business open and your worries low.


Keep up sanitary routines, such as wiping down surfaces more often even if they aren’t noticeably dirty. Sanitizing important high rate germ zones such as door handles, change machines, and folding tables. Most importantly do these while people are in your facility to show them you care about their safety.


Although we know it will be hard to distance people completely maybe some nudges in the right direction will be best. Hang up signs telling people to be mindful of their distance, let people know that they are cared for. It may even be best to show an example of what 6’ looks like, measure out 6’ on a paper and hang it up.


It would be most beneficial in times like these to put a small sheet on the specifications of your machines. Such as the safest practices when using machines, the temperature of water on the different settings, and temperature of drying cycles so people can see you care about the health and safety of their clothes and body.


Provide customers with safe and sanitary cleaning options, now would be the time to have a paper towel dispenser available and even disinfectant spray for people to use. Although this may be an area for theft, inform people that these are for their health and safety so please be respectful of the provided sanitation options.

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