Machine Tips

Is your Equipment getting old, let us help you get the result you want for your business! Huebsch provides new rigid mount equipment that offers Eco-boost technology which will dramatically reduce water consumption as well as electricity all while cleaning your clothes in fashionable amount of time! But if your problems seem never ending, here are a couple of easy tricks to get you laundromat back to its peak!

1. Check the drain valve, take the front face off your machine and look directly beneath the sump. On every machine there is a drain hose leading down to a plastic square (circle depending on machine) this is the drain valve, undo the hose clamp closest to the drain valve. Undo clamp and reach into the drain valve and rubber hose, clear any obstruction. (this is a common issue and can be maintained easily.)

2. Check soap dispenser (lid, dispenser and water hoses) dirtiness of these items often cause disbelief in customers eyes that their clothes are being properly cleaned. (Customer perception is key.) Try to make sure that commonly viewed items are clean!

3. Door seals! I run into this commonly door seals are moldy or are so old they cause leak issues. Potential customers see this and turn away! Scared that their clothes will be destroyed or stink afterwards. But it can be easily solved! Take flat head screwdriver and run around edge and underneath of door seal, slowly ease glass and seal off. Clean glass window and seal in warm water, until filth is gone. (For easier application put seal around glass window and slowly insert with screwdriver while the seal is wet.)

Most Important:

4. MAKE A PRESENCE. Listen to your customers, (let them know you care about their visit and their business) hear what they have to say about machines or problems. Sure, they won’t always have sound advice or tips, but they will ultimately guide you to a more successful business by helping to satisfy your customers.

I hope these help you with the success of your business, and don’t forget that we hear at Cozzetto Commercial and always fast and friendly service of current equipment or excellent pricing and deals upgrading to new equipment!

Brought to you by the experienced team of Cozzetto Commercial.