Learn Routine Maintenance Tips That Will Help You Avoid Costly Coin Laundry Machine Repair In Spokane WA

Are you looking for excellent laundry machine repair in Spokane and surrounding cities? Cozzetto Commercial Laundry equipment has the most reliable washing machine repair in Spokane and surrounding cities! Call (509) 459-4300 now and speak with an expert in commercial washing equipment, parts and service! Faulty commercial washing machines can lead to unexpected reduction in productivity and loss of potential sales whenever it occurs without a backup. It is important to maintain the equipment routinely to avoid downtime for maximum productivity and profitability. Proper preventive maintenance will ensure your dryers and washers help you to keep your business operating optimally. The discussion below outlines the top maintenance practices you need to avoid calling experts for every Coin Laundry Machine Repair in Spokane WA.

Washer Not Filling With Water

This is a maintenance issue you need to address soon as you identify it in any of your washing machines. The inlet hose remains the primary cause of such problems and needs for prompt assessment once the issue occurs. As reliable commercial laundry equipment contractors, we encourage you to check if the washers inside the hoses are defective or the possibility of kinks in the hose pipes. Install a patch temporarily as you prepare to replace the whole inlet hose for a long term solution. Contact us if the problem recurs to install a suitable straight hose and avert possible damages in the future.

Water Running Without Stop

It is essential to check the overflow switches immediately you spot nonstop flow of water. The switches detect when the washing machine is full and stop water flow automatically. Contact us for timely professional intervention to assess and repair your industrial laundry equipment in Seattle before the problem worsens. Always check if the switch is properly connected before reaching out to us because a disconnection can bring the issue.

Tub Not Spinning

Your washing machines may have a problem it fails to spin despite filling with water to the required limits. We advise you to adjust the load before focusing on any parts of the machines. Packing the clothes to tightly in the machines can affect their capacity to spin. Improper packaging can damage your washer leading to costly repairs and replacement of essential parts. Also, check the washer for a possible faulty switch as it can cause such problems. Contact us whenever you identify as damaged switch for appropriate replacement or reconnection.

Laundry Machines Does Not Drain

Your washing machines can have such problems when they are damaged or clogged. The issue requires a timely fixing to ensure the machines advance to the next stage of the cycle without hitches. Inspect the washer for any object that may be stuck in the drain pump. Contact us for timely repair and replacement of the water pump once you establish clogging is not the cause of the poor drainage.