Choosing Laundry Equipment In Seattle

For commercial establishments such as hotels and laundromats, the need for high quality, dependable laundry machines is obvious. Regular household units simply won’t hold up to load after load of linens, towels, bedding and other washable materials. Are you looking for quality laundry equipment in Seattle? Do you need commercial laundry machines in the Pacific Northwest? Cozzetto Commercial Equipment is proud to serve the Northwestern part of the United States, including Seattle, Portland, Idaho, and Missoula, Montana, as well as Yakima, Washington and Richland Washington.

Since 1976, the family owned business of Cozzetto Commercial has recognized the value of every dollar. We make every effort to ensure that you are obtaining the best possible deals on some of the best commercial washing and drying machines in the service area. Whether you are the proprietor of a Seattle, Washington laundromat or a Couer d/Alene, Idaho, we have the equipment that you need. We have a selection of machines which includes dryers, washers and other units.

We have been providing the best units for the best prices for 44 years. We aid in the design and implementation of commercial establishments, include design and development of new stores, and replacement units for an existing facility. We have units which can accept multiple types of payment systems, including smart phone payment and one dollar coins.

Multifamily residences and apartment building owners, as well as a range of businesses in the hospitality industry put extensive usage on commercial machines day after day. Cozzetto is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers in need of machines for multi-family housing. Our customers enjoy a wide variety or coin or card operated units which are built to take on the demands of daily usage.

We have decades of experience in the installation and maintenance of units for firehouses or dairies. Both occupations are noted for being exceptionally dirty. Residue from storm water, dirt, mud, soot, ash and other messy materials is embedded the uniforms and gear of the firefighters. Washing is done on a daily basis to maintain the appearance of the professionals.

The services of Cozzetto include installation by experienced technicians. We deliver your machines and offer ongoing services to owners, so that the machines of every customer are operating at peak efficiency. If you are looking for commercial laundry equipment in Seattle, or elsewhere, we can help. Call (509) 459-4300 now and speak with an expert in commercial laundromat equipment, parts and service!