Industrial Laundry Repair In Seattle For You

Do you need the best commercial laundry restoration services near you in Seattle? At Cozzetto Commercial Laundry Equipment, we strive to make sure our clients have functional washing machines. Our core mission is to offer laundromats, industrial facilities, restaurants, and apartments with quality laundry equipment and services. Call us today for all your washing machine restoration needs and more information at 509-459-4300. In this article, we discuss more about our industrial laundry repair in Seattle.

Established in 1976, our Cozzetto Commercial Laundry machine contractors have been servicing our clients in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Our team members understand the laundry needs of our clients in this region and focus on upgrading, installing, replacing, and repairing washing machines. Consider us for all your equipment repair needs if you work in this industry.

Other than repairing industrial laundry equipment, we also sell durable washing machines to commercial laundromats in Seattle. Our products are of high-quality and affordable. Before you buy from us, we allow you to do window shopping and identify machines that can suit your industrial needs. Our customers can also be guided on how to operate new machines to ensure they serve their customers in this field.

If you are worried about the high cost of repairing laundry equipment, we at Cozzetto Commercial Laundry Equipment service center have professionals who can offer these services at a reasonable rate. Depending on the size of a washing machine we are repairing, and the spares required, we charge a specific fee. Our technicians also know shops that sell quality spares at a considerable price. Serving the Seattle community at a competitive price helps them to access affordable equipment restoration services.

Choosing our professional services will help you thrive in the laundry business. Cozzetto Laundry Commercial Equipment is determined to ensure we restore all industrial washing machines at an affordable price. Consider our company whenever you need a technician to repair your damaged equipment in this industry and serve the washing needs of Seattle residents.