Services Offered By A Commercial Laundry Repair In Tacoma

When the laundry machine is spoiled, you will lose out on potential sales, limiting productivity. It is, therefore, wise for any business owner to shorten the downtime by immediately calling a commercial laundry repair in Tacoma. Reducing the downtime will go a long way in ensuring your machines are operating maximally. This increases your productivity and profitability.

When you notice that the dryer is not heating and making a lot of noise, then it is broken. This can be a significant obstacle to satisfying your clients. You must call us now to help you rectify this problem. We fix your machines depending on their makes. There are two types of dryers, those that operate using electricity and those that use gas. We will come in and replace the broken dryer with a new one, ensuring that you return to business.

Modern washing machines are highly reliable; however, due to human factors, they malfunction. You may wake up one day and find out the devices are not draining efficiently, has leaks, and make a loud noise. Being in the industry for a long time, our technicians can repair your machines, and in no time you go back to operating. We will tell you ways of preventing this from happening again. For instance, avoid overloading the machine.

The dryer has filters that are supposed to catch lint produced by clothes during the washing process. The filters may not catch all of them and are transferred to the vent. It is, therefore, wise to conduct maintenance services from time to time to remove them. If left for a long time, they may clog the duct-work and vents. We come in and conduct maintenance services by disconnecting the vent and vacuuming it out, and finally brushing it. This leaves it clean and efficient.

Making losses is a nightmare for any business owner. Calling Cozzetto Commercial Laundry Equipment in time to fix your spoiled machine ensures you do not make losses. Call us now at 509-459-4300 or schedule an appointment.