The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier For Your Business

If you own a business where people need to clean their clothes, that could add up to a lot of time and expense if you use regular consumer washing machines and dryers. The loads they can wash are too small and they are not meant to be used all day, every day. But if you buy from a commercial laundry equipment supplier like Cozzetto Commercial Laundry Equipment, then you get heavy-duty machines that can withstand day and night use while still working as if they were brand new.

We here are Cozzetto Commercial Laundry Equipment are located in the beautiful northwestern corner of the United States. We serve communities including Seattle, Spokane, Yakima, Richland, Portland, Vancouver, Missoula, Coeur d’Alene and many more in the same region. We are willing to drive several hours to meet you and get you the equipment you need to either start or improve your business.

We not only will sell and deliver the machines to you, but we will also install them. We have technicians and installers with years of experience with all of the machinery we sell. It is much more convenient to allow us to do the installation than to call around for someone local who may or may not have experience with the specific machines you purchased.

Laundromats are one of our specialties, as we have sold many machines to this kind of company. We also offer floor planning designs in addition to machinery sales. Depending on the size and shape of your building, we can draw up a plan that maximizes your space while still allowing customers plenty of room to move around. This will save you time and money versus hiring an architect to do the floor plan separately.

If you own an apartment building or a multifamily property such as a condo, then you may need to have a laundry room on site. Having a laundry room is a big incentive for prospective residents or tenants to pick you over someone else who does not have a facility on site. Once again, we can draw up the floor plan, sell the machines to you and install them.

We also offer repair services. If for some reason one your models are not working at its optimum level, we are happy to send a technician out to fix it. This is just one of the many services that Cozzetto offers, so take advantage of all we have to offer by calling for an appointment today.