An Overview Of Commercial Laundry In Seattle

An Overview Of Commercial Laundry In Seattle

If you run a laundromat and are looking for some good deals on washers and dryers, we’ve got you covered. All of our laundry machines are durable and built-to-last, and you can expect your customers to be happy with the appliances. If you’re interested in commercial laundry in Seattle, we can help you find the models, new or used, that will work best for your facility.

We provide dependable maintenance on-site, which means machines that need to be repaired can be up and running very soon. Our technicians are properly licensed and certified in the field and will be able to fix component parts should they wear down through time. Feel free to ask us about specific maintenance issues that you may be dealing with.

We offer used equipment that runs like new. In fact, if you need to install a few new washing machines in your laundromat, you might buy a few used machines. Many of these machines are only slightly used, which means you’ll be able to make use of durable, sturdy washers and dryers for a bargain price. Delivery and set-up are included.

We’re especially skilled with helping you get your laundromat up and running. Floor plan design and basic engineering is useful in a number of ways, as it allows you to maximize your space, create an efficient work area for your customers, and drive up your profit. Front-load washers are more and more prevalent these days, but you can choose models that fit your general floor plan.

Apartment complexes always offer laundry services to their tenants as part of the rental contract. We can help you select some washers and dryers that will work for your complex. Maintenance of the most important component parts will extend the lives of the appliances.

You can ultimately rely on us for all your laundromat needs. We can help with set-up, installation, maintenance, and repair. Feel free to contact us for further information.